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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this morning pope francis is waking up in the u.s. for his first official visit as pontiff. >> real excited. really excited to see what he has to say. >> in the next few hours he'll visit the white house, hold a midday prayer service for hundreds of bishops at a mass for hundreds of thousands, but his trip could impact yours. and looking live this morning at the ellipse where the gates just opened less than a half hour ago, this is the only location where pope francis can be seen without a ticket during his trip to washington. >> we're watching that crowd minute by minute just continue to grow. of course, the basilica at the national shrine of immaculate conception where the pope will deliver a mass in just about 12 hours. that's only part of his itinerary today. >> good morning to you. you're watching "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. >> adam tuss and mollet green
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are out there. >> and melissa mollet and chuck are here with details. we want to begin where the pope is beginning his morning. he's at the vatican embassy. looks like some people behind you, aaron. >> absolutely, eun. it takes a special person to have people up before 5:00 a.m. to stand on a sidewalk and wait. that is what we've seen in the last half an hour. it started out with just two people and now there are entire families. we've seen children in strollers and folks with a few more years under their belts as well here just for the possibility that they might be able to see pope francis when he is up and leaving the embassy this morning. we expect that that's going to happen sometime in the 8:00 hour. in the meantime, these folks are hoping that they're able to catch a glimpse of him while he's moving around in this area. we talked to some of the folks who work at the paraguy embassy. a lot of people that we've seen
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show up are of latin american heritage. there are more than 200,000 hispanic catholics in the washington archdiocese. you can expect a large contingent from that group representing themselves at the different locations. we'll see the pope over the next couple of days. we want to show you some video of the pope's arrival at the vatican embassy yesterday afternoon after he came into andrews air force base. a huge crowd at that time as well. children from across the archdiocese were here to greet the pope and he was able to sort of take that in. you saw him smiling as he waived to some of the people who had gathered here. that is the expectation really across the city as he moves around today. as we mentioned, he starts at the white house this morning with that formal welcome ceremony and then on to some of the more public events that we'll be telling you about throughout the day. eun? >> aaron, thank you. at 8:45 the pope's motorcade will leave from the vatican embassy and head to the white house. it is nearly a three mile trip. there will be rolling road
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closures as the motorcade moves through the northwest. once he arrives at the white house he will be greeted by president and mrs. obama. from there he will go to the south lawn where there will be a welcoming ceremony. 1500 invited guests will attend that ceremony. they include mayors from around the country, students and activists. the president will deliver some remarks and the pope will speak. this will be the first time the pope will speak in english during the trip. he's only expected to speak in english four times here in the u.s. >> after that you will have arguably your best chance to get close to pope francis. it will head down 17th street and across constitution amp and then up 17th street and go around the ellipse. we want to go live to adam tuss. adam, people are already starting to claim their spots near the ellipse. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, angie. yeah. there's business down here. there's excitement down here at
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this early hour. let's show you what's happening here. you mentioned those ticketed guests, those 1500. well, we might have half of them here outside the white house right now. take a look at this line. it stretches all the way down 15th street. we've been told that these guys are going to be able to get inside and go to the south lawn of the white house starting at 5:30 this morning. on the other side of the ellipse, the 17th street side those gates have opened to the public. you don't need a ticket to go on that side. people are coming up asking us, asking the police where they should be and what they should be doing. now, of course, all of this means that there is a massive security presence down here by the white house. there are road closures all over the place. nonetheless, people are navigating and they're excited to see the pope. >> i think it's an awesome opportunity to be in the presence of the holy father. he brings a sense of peace.
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it's incredible to be here just to be a part of the day. >> reporter: yeah, certainly a lot going on. remember, this is just one of many events going on today. the white house, saint matthews, the basilica, all of downtown is going to be a no go for your car today. just don't do it. we'll keep track of all metro delays that pop up as well. back to you. thank you, adam. as far as the road closures go, the road closures we're talking about, again, for the parade are going to last today until noon. then we'll git a whole new set of closures. 17th street between independence. shut down. constitution between 12th and northwest and h street and maine avenue. those are the closures you'll see and the camera just got dark on us. northbound massachusetts avenue is shut down in front of the vatican embassy. that will not reopen until tomorrow, thursday, around 4:00 p.m. a bigger look at the beltway
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and all the other things hang around town coming up in a couple of minutes. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell with all the big events today. chuck, so far so good. >> yeah, a collective whew on the fact that it's not going to be raining on the pope. it's a comfortably cool start for all the folks going outside to wait in line and planning outdoor activities. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. outside at the ellipse, 7:00 a.m., 60 degrees. 9:0065, 11:00 a.m., 72 degrees. perfect morning to be outside later on this afternoon a lot of people sitting in sunshine and sitting in temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and 80s. sun plblock is a must. impact on the commuter forecast in ten minutes. thank you, chuck. back now to our extended coverage of the papal visit. we expect american bishops to
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pray with pope francis around 11:30 this morning at the cathedral of saint matthew the apostle. it is the home church of the diocese of washington. the service will be private but you may be able to see the pope arrive or leave along connecticut joompt there will be more than prayer for st. louis. on instagram the hrc posted a picture of it with a message asking the pope to welcome lgbt catholics back to the church. pope francis has said in the past it's not his job to judge people based on their sexual orientation. our coverage of the papal visit continues this morning. we are looking live across the district right now. a lot of you are working from home today because of the pope's visit, but if you are commuting, chuck will let you know if you'll need that jacket. breaking news just coming in about the death of yogi berra. kristin wright
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breaking news into the live desk right now. baseball legend yogi berra has died. berra was a three-time mvp. the catcher led the yankees in rbis for seven straight seasons and hit at least 20 homers in ten straight seasons. the team won 14 pen nantz and ten world series titles with berra. he will be remembered for his whit off the field and his yogiisms. mlb and the yankees are calling yogi berra an american hero for good reason. he was 90 years old. back to you. thank you, kristin. 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. all eyes on the forecast today. >> yeah, things will feel a little cool as you step out this morning. a light sweater or jacket to kick things off, chuck? >> absolutely. temperatures have dropped into the 50s and 60s. check it out. 49 now in mart continuesburg. 51 culpepper and manasses.
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a lot of folks don't get the day off from work. a lot of people are telecommuting. which means maybe you can sit out in the backyard early this morning with your laptop. a little bit of fog around. temperatures near 60. all dry roads, maybe some sunshine delays but that's about the worst of it from the weather department. temperature near 78 degrees on the ride home. seven day forecast and a look at the weekend in ten minutes. for now a check on traffic with melissa. >> slowdowns 95 northbound as you're headed into stafford. this is just some road work in the northbound lanes. as far as southbound, you look pretty good with the exception of this. maryland, 95 south at the beltway, we have some road work there. montrose road moving along fine here. 66 into and out of town looking quite good. the inner loop and outer loop
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looking just fine. we'll have more closures as well as the mark and vre when we come back. >> thank you, melissa. in just a few hours tens of thousands of people will pour into the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. we have a sneak peak of what you can expect. we've been warning you for a while that the pope's visit will most likely have an impact on your commute. the changes you need to know. breaking news in the district where we are learning about a deadly overnight
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welcome back. 5:16. looking live at the ellipse and basilica right now. we've been telling you pope francis will be at all three locations for the first full day of the papal visit. we'll check back in with our crews in a few minutes. first, facts on this afternoon's mass. 25,000 people with tickets will
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be there to see pope francis celebrate mass at 4:00 this afternoon. he will speak in spanish on the east side steps of the basilica. when he arrives the pope will walk across the sanctuary to the vesting area before he steps out onto the east portico for mass. crews at the basilica have been working for months to get ready for today. molette green is right there now looking into last-minute preparations. we will check in with her for a live report in about 15 minutes. you can find the latest road closures as well by searching basilica on the nbc app. prepare yourself for lines, crowded trains and delays if you plan to use metro today. here are a couple things you can do, leave early. metro is already open and will be open until midnight tonight. buy your smart trip card before you go to the station. that way you can avoid all the fare lines. leave your selfie sticks, the bike, the coolers and chairs, all of that stuff at home. you can't take them to any papal
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events anyway. plan time for added security as well. crews can stop you and search anyp bag you bring on the trai by the way. a reminder to also bring your patience to metro. a lot of people will try to use it to see pope francis. there were problems last night. check it out. service now fully restored to the green and yellow lines. only on 4, look at the video we've got. people walking through the tunnel between the georgia heights and columbia stops. some passengers took it better than others. >> it's a lot going on. metro is ridiculous. >> ridiculous for this to happen. >> it could have been a lot worse. >> well, metro officials helped people on to buses to get them where he this needed to go. metro is saying a power problem caused all the confusion. >> you can expect a lot of tour buses and more pedestrians than usual in the pentagon city area. fair fact connector route 599 buses will not stop at the
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following spots, army navy drive at 15th street and the southhayes street. all routes will return to normal on friday. double check the signs around where you park in the district today. there may be changes because of the papal visit. for example, crews will not enforce regular street sweeping restrictions on some streets. there may be emergency no parking signs where you aren't expecting them. there's also a nats game that complicate the parking problem. if your car gets towed contact the department. there is a petition to get pope francis to bless the metro system. it popped up yesterday as metro was dealing with delays on several different lines. you can find it on the author writing the metro is having some problems. all of d.c. would be grateful if you could bless it. the author also said, at this point i'm willing to try anything and so far other people
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feeling the pain signing the petition. it has over 2100 signatures. there's no indication that the pope will actually take action. it's funny because i got a viewer who contacted me saying they ordered some suede leather that will be used at a papal visit. they wanted to get it to the nats. >> some sort of connection, right? >> yeah. you know what, you won't say no if you don't ask. you never know. >> exactly. >> one thing that is heavenly sent as tom curion would say. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has the forecast for this big day. >> tom's on wtop radio this morning giving his whitey insights. outside on this morning, clear start. little fog in rural areas. delightfully cool way to get
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your morning going. weather impact will be delightfully low. plenty of sunshine. temperatures a little warmer than average, about 3 or 4 degrees warmer than average. no chance for rain today or tomorrow. unfortunately though, rain chances are increasing just in time for the weekend. northern maryland and down through the shenandoah valley. no visibility problems in the metro area. temperatures mid 50s. 55. 49 in martinsburg. you'll need a light jacket if you're spending time outside. sun is not up until just before 7:00. you might need a light jacket until 8 or 9:00. here's sky cast 4. some morning clouds giving way to near 100% sunshine by later on today. temperatures will rise to the mid 70s by noon. upper 70s to near 80 degrees today. 76 v#r  high this afternoon in
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gaithersburg. about 81 down on the national mall. nice day to be outside. going out for the game, first pitch at 7:05. temperatures in the mid 70s dropping into the low 70s during the game. seven day forecast, 81 today, 80 tomorrow. dry both days for the pope's stay in washington. chance for rain late, late, late friday night. off and on saturday through early sunday. highs this weekend will be back down into the cooler low 70s. talking about your hour by hour planner for all of your activities in ten minutes. live look 15th street here at pennsylvania avenue. lots of folks headed into town there this morning. also constitution avenue between 12th and 23rd. you have to back up the road
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between h street and maine avenue. a look at the beltway, some other routes into town but right now things are looking pretty good. back to eun. >> thank you, melissa. it is 5:23 right now. breaking news from overnight. dc police made an arrest in a murder that happened overnight. detectives found the body on 14th street and v streets northwest. there is no information on the victim's identity or the suspect. right now we are one week away from a federal government shutdown but there are only four legislative working days to avoid it. a live look at the capitol right now. this year the arguments in congress mainly focus on whether to keep funding planned parenthood. maryland congressman chris van holland toured nih in bethesda yesterday. doctors told news 4 they went through the shutdown four years ago and they dread another one. >> it empties out walking around that last time. it was about the most depressing thing i've been through in 22
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years of being at nih. i don't want to have to do that again. >> congressman van holland is proposing a continuing resolution to keep the government open while giving congress more time to talk it out. virginia state police have more information on the arrest of uae student march questions johnson. the report is 119 pages. johnson and some other lawmakers have asked for the report to be released. the report takes out the names of witnesses. we'll add a link to the nbc 4 washington app so you can read the full report. anton james has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of joseph newell. he shot the police detective more than 20 times. they were arg gurg over yard work. a surveillance camera caught the q newell was a 24 year veteran of the police force.
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james will be sentenced in december. today a loudoun county deputy will be in court. he faces a misdemeanor assault charge. there are not many details of the incident. there are calls for an internal investigation to determine whether county procedures were properly followed. it is pope francis's first full day here in the u.s. and one of the very few places you'll be able to get a glimpse is right here. take a live look near the ellipse this morning where people are already lined up to get into the area where a parade will be held this morning. >> but will you want a jacket for the outdoor event? chuck is back with a look at what weather is going to be like for today's events happening outside.
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good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. our top story this morning of course the pope. let's take a live look now at the scene near the ellipse and the pa sibasilica. >> we'll get you caught up on all the latest in just a minute. first let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun and angie. so many people enjoying what will be a beautiful weather day. clear sky in the weather headlines. perfect weather for the pope and all the plans. sunshine in abundance.
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increasing chances for rain. a little fog towards northern maryland and the shenandoah valley. slow down a smidgen as you run into fog. manassas, 61. arlington and falls church. 55 in damascus, maryland. temperature near 60. 9:00 and time for the parade and visit with the president, 65. 72 by the time the pope is driving around the ellipse. for later on in the afternoon for everybody who will be outside the basilica, several thousand people, temperatures in the 70s and 80 degrees. very nice day to be outside. nothing but sunshine for all the outdoor activities. there will be no weather-related slowdowns outside of a touch or two of fog. no slowdowns for the weather department. i have a feeling melissa has one slowdown. >> yeah, we have a couple of slowdowns. today you're off the hook. you and tom, awesome job today. >> we did our work. >> you did your work.
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absolutely. the pope will be very happy. 95 southbound at the beltway, still a report of some lanes blocked. 66 into town, out of town don't have any problems there on 66 right now. big look at the beltway. overall nice, light volume. green, moving. no issues there. even a star there in the middle of the city because of all of the events happening with the pope here today. then 95 here a little slow as you're heading northbound through stafford. backup's actually growing a little bit. northbound as you're headed into woodbridge, typical slowdown. down by stafford, some road work that hasn't cleared. travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. hundreds of people are already lining up near the ellipse this morning. it is the only spot where you can see pope francis without a ticket during his trip to washington. >> that's where we put adam tuss. adam, there are actually two lines from what we understand. you are on 15th street where people have been lining up all morning to get inside the white house. what are things looking like
5:31 am
right now? >> reporter: that's right, angie. a little bit of confusion this morning because people are figuring out where they need to go, what needs to happen. this is the 15th street side of the white house. everybody here has a ticket and they're going into the white house. you guys mentioned about 1500 people invited onto the south lawn of the white house. and then the other people trying to get to the ellipse, that entrance, the public entrance is on the 17th street side. so if you're trying to get to the ellipse, 17th street. if you have a ticket, the gates just opened here on 15th street. you can come to this side. so now let's show you what's going on with the road closures. swing it down to 15th street and there are road closures everywhere. we are talking extensive closures. we've been telling you for days that today was going to be the big day. remember, this is just the first of many events for the pope. there's this. he's headed to saint matthews. he's going to the basilica. he will be moving all over the area today. driving downtown not a good bet.
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also, metro, yeah, that's been a good right the last couple of days. metro says some speed restrictions are going to stay in place over the next couple of days on the blue, orange, silver lines. of course we have that meltdown on the green line. we're going to monitor everything for you. just, please, please patience over the next couple of days. guys, back to you. >> i do want to ask you about that, adam, about the feeling out there. this is a day that washington hasn't seen before. it is a huge day. what are you hearing from the people there on the ground? >> reporter: well, obviously, you know, we're good at doing big events around here. this is one like i haven't seen before. it has the first president obama appeal with a little bit of religion thrown in. people are excited. people are from all over the world. this is an international thing because the pope, obviously, from argentina. coming over from the vatican, you have people speaking spanish
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down here, you've got all sorts of activities. people are festive. they're cheering. people are excited. this is a good, happy day. with all the delays and closures, people are just accepting it, that it's happening. there's a lot of excitement down here. i think that's the best way to explain. >> softens the blow for having to wait in the long lines and deal with the closures. adam tuss on 15th street. we expect american cardinals to pray with the pope. the prayers themselves will be private but you may be able to see the pope arrive along rhode island avenue near connecticut. advocates with the human rights campaign put up this banner right across the street. on instagram the hrc posted a picture of it with a message asking the pope to welcome lgbt members back to the church.
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the pope said it's not his job to judge people based on their sexual orientation. >> during the mass the pope will cannonize blessed father sera. he was a priest and teacher in is spain before travel to go what is now san diego. it was there that serra began setting up a system of catholic missions. before his death he founded nine of what would eventually become 21 missions throughout the state of california. as many as 90,000 native americans were converted to catholicism. despite all of his work serra's canonization isn't coming without controversy. >> the opposition among a number of native americans stems from the fact that he was part of the system and a leading part of the system which resulted in the
5:35 am
death of 150,000 native americans from the time of the beginning of the spanish settlement until the gold rush. >> experts are saying pope francis sees serra as a link. later today pope francis will make the formal declaration entirely in spanish. deacon dave cahoon spent several weeks building this, the altar. most of the wood he used has been recycled and was bought from local vendors. the 450 pound altar will be at the center at the top of the steps during today's mass. after the altar will be carried inside the sank two wear which. >> reporter: it will be used for months to come. the car pope francis is using to ride around washington is getting a lot of people talking. instead of a limo or suv, he went with a modest $20,000 fiat 500 l.
5:36 am
the license plate reads scv 1 which are the latin initials for the vatican county state. they tweeted #blessed. he rides around rome in a blue ford focus. the first ever pope mobile was a 1929 fiat. >> wow. four kids have a story about the pope to keep their friends jealous for the rest of their lives. the first, third, fifth and seventh graders from local catholic schools greeted with pope francis with flowers at joint base andrews. one was jocelyn aquino of silver springs. she attends sacred heart catholic school. >> it was nice to meet the most important person in the world. i got to meet the person that teaches people love and his message. >> wait, there's more. jocelyn also got to meet president obama and, get this, she says that the president danced with the students before
5:37 am
greeting the pope. >> great story to tell. looking live at the basilica this morning where about 25,000 people are going to be on hand for pope francis's mass. molette green joins us live with the excitement getting underway. >> we have new details about the volkswagen scandal. who could be out of a
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in the newsroom we are following the volkswagen scandal closely. board members are holing a crisis meeting today where ceo martin wintercorn will have to make his case. what did he know about the scheme to dupe consumers and regulators? vw admits they've been using software to rig some 11 million diesel vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. now the automaker's stock value is tanking. we will see what happens at this crisis meeting today. there are calls for ceo wintercorn to step down. back to you. >> all right, kristin. thank you. it is 5:41. that means time for weather and traffic on the 1s. big day out there. >> yeah, we're going to have a pleasant day for the pope's visit. >> i don't think that's a coincidence either. say what you want. i think he has the kind of connections to have the weather he wants. 54 in gaithersburg.
5:41 am
60 degrees in beautiful springfield, virginia. what to wear? a light jacket first thing this morning. a lot of people spending time outside today. don't forget your sunglasses and sun block. bus stop weather, a lot of kids have to go to school. temperatures upper 50s early this morning. low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. recess gets an a today. sunshine and temperatures near 73 by late this morning and highs today up near 80 degrees. so it will be a nice one for sure. high today right around 81 on the national mall. weekend forecast and rain chances in ten minutes. check on traffic right now. right now have a problem here. this is that same issue that we saw yesterday morning here that i was tweeting about in first 4 traffic. 3rd street tunnel northbound of massachusetts, that ramp there, we had blocked because of a construction issue. they're working on that. at this point still blocked until further notice. everything looking quite good. lots of closures downtown. i'll be tweeting about them and talking about them here all
5:42 am
morning long. as far as travel times, 270 southbound, no problems. in bound looks good and 95 northbound to quantico, green. no problems. >> reporter: outside the basilica's east portico, details on what's going on right now ahead of this afternoon's mass. i'm molette green. that's coming up next. and is the new panda trying to upstage the pope? come on. come on. suspicious t
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welcome back. at 5:45. you're looking at live pictures of our coverage of the pope's visit to the united states. on the right there is molette green live at the basilica where the pope will deliver mass later today. on the left-hand side you can
5:46 am
see police presence as thousands of people will come, ticketed people who want to go to the white house and people who are going to be along the parade route and just trying to get on the mall. it is going to be a big day for the pope's first visit to the united states. and things are going to warm up, and here with your wakeup weather is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. hey, chuck. >> good morning to you. a crude wednesday morning. things are a little cool in the northern suburbs. low 60s for downtown locations this morning as you're waking things up. a nice cool start this morning. maybe a light jacket is all you're going to need. sunshine coming our way. full check of the forecast five minutes from now. melissa? >> right now have a lot of closures downtown, 15th street at pennsylvania avenue where adam tuss is. we'll talk about all of the closures. we've been tweeting about them @first4traffic. all lanes blocked at massachusetts avenue because of
5:47 am
emergency road work. back in a few minutes. thank you, melissa. this afternoon 25,000 people will watch pope francis celebrate mass at the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception. molette green is live there this morning with a look at all of the work that it took to lead up to this day. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. a tremendous amount of setup leading to the altar that is behind me. just moments ago the lights came on giving us a much better look at where the pontiff will be in just hours when he celebrates this historic mass this afternoon at 4:15, some 25,000 people you mention bed. this is a ticketed only event. if you have no ticket, no getting in here. and many people are on their way from across the country coming from california. a large contingency to watch the canonization mass for the 18th
5:48 am
century francis can who set up places in what is now california. after that the public is allowed to come in. that should be around 8:00 a.m. getting here, going to be quite a challenge with area road closures. you can get close if you bike share and many people, of course, will opt for metro, brookland cua metro stop that will be entrance only and exit only after the mass. we're building up to what will be an historic day here on this campus in washington, d.c. in northeast d.c. in the brookland community, i'm molette green reporting live at the east portico at the basilica. back to you. ♪ ♪ today 90 singers from across the washington area will have the opportunity of a lifetime. the arch diocesan papal mass choir has been rehearsing for
5:49 am
weeks to sing for pope francis at this afternoon's mass. >> it's really a wonderful spiritual moment for america and for the pope. this is the first time he's going to get -- introduce himself up close and personal to the american people. >> and the singers come from a lot of different parishes. more than 330 singers tried out. the papal choir will sing 25 pieces at this afternoon's celebration. >> and there is a lot of excitement surrounding pope francis's visit and not just amongst catholics. the people's pope is leading a revival in the church and he's found a way to connect deeply with people outside the faith. some who are raised catholic and found it tough to relate are now returning to the church. we do want to go on to this next story. pope francis -- or, actually,
5:50 am
let's move on over to jimmy fallon and talk about what they talked about yesterday. he was saying how, you know, regardless of how much we have made such a big deal about the traffic, it was only made worse by sending president obama -- here we go. the big story is that pope francis arrived in washington, d.c., today and i saw that president obama actually picked him up at the airport because what better way to alleviate traffic the pope is about to cause than sending out a presidential motorcade. glad we found that. that's pretty funny. >> the president actually greeted pope francis at joint base andrews, which is unique. >> yes. >> usually the heads of state come to the white house. >> he wasn't alone. he had the first lady along with him as well as his daughters. whether you plan to see the pope or not, we do have the latest schedule and road closures on the nbc 7 app. all you need to do is search papal visit.
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>> just like you said, the pope may have some connections. the weather is awfully nice, zbluk could be the pope. >> perfect for mass. >> yeah, great weather for all the outdoor plans today. that's good news for not only him and all of the people out there but the rest of us as well that get to enjoy another beautiful late september day. the autumn eke kwi knocks occurred at 4:20. >> i'm not sure i'm ready. >> no matter how you slice it, which season you follow autumn is officially here. >> autumn is beautiful here. >> it will be a classic autumn day outside. 61 now at national airport, northwest wind averaging 8 miles per hour. what should you expect today? a nice, cool morning. if you're heading outside or to wait in line, have a little wrap on. tons of sunshine and we're at 49 now in martinsburg.
5:52 am
50 frederick, maryland, 54 gaithersburg. 57 manassas. beautiful downtown d.c., 59 at 7:00 a.m. as you're waiting to go into the gate. 74 at noontime and 76 by late this afternoon into early this evening. no chance for rain today. high and dry up and down much of the eastern seaboard. that moisture lingering off the coast though of north carolina. that may mess up part of our weekend plans. for today though, highs mid to upper 70s in the suburbs to around 80, 81 degrees in downtown dc. there's future weather. plenty of sunshine. next chance of rain doesn't arrive until late friday, late friday night into early saturday. put a precautionary drop on friday. rain is most likely on saturday, saturday night into early sunday. temperatures today and tomorrow will be the warmest of the next week. lots of road closures around town, melissa mollet. good morning. >> lots of road closures. good morning. let's talk about the parade route specifically. we're talking about closures
5:53 am
until today until noon today. 17th street between pennsylvania avenue and independence going to be closed there because of the parade. constitution avenue between 12th and 23rd and 15th street between h street and maine avenue will also be closed here this morning. another problem completely unrelated here. third street tunnel northbound, the off ramp to massachusetts avenue has all lanes blocked. taking a live picture, 15th street at pennsylvania avenue. lots of folks down there getting ready to go into the white house. others along the parade route. lots of excitement this morning. back in ten minutes. all right. thank you, melissa. let's check in with kristin wright right now in the newsroom for a look at the other stories we're following around the dmv. >> it's been a busy morning, kristin. >> it has. service fully restored this morning on metro's green and yellow lines after another problem with terrible timing yesterday. a 2-year-old boy is recovering this morning after falling off a balcony montgomery county. fire and rescue officials say
5:54 am
the child fell 40 feet from an apartment on hue which is avenue in aspen hill. it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. this video here taken from the scene shortly before a chopper took the boy to the hospital. first responders say adults were in that apartment when he fell. police in the district may soon be wearing body cameras. d.c. is getting a million dollars in federal cash to equip its police officers with the cameras. this is part of the larger $20 million being distributed to dozens of agencies across the country. d.c. council voted to allow the mayor to buy more than 2400 body cameras with that money. the city has been working on this project for more than a year. the council and the mayor still have to -- >> get them outfitted and the district will have one of the most robust body camera programs in the countries country. >> among the details will be
5:55 am
who's allowed to see the footage and whether or not it will be subject to freedom of information requests. the council expects to answer those questions by the end of october. the latest addition to the panda family at the national zoo is growing and healthy. not to be upstaged by the pope, the panda cub weighed in at almost three pounds yesterday. zoo keepers say he has now passed the weight of his older siblings at that very same age. keepers were able to weigh the cupp when mom left the den. there's the baby there. >> he is so cute! i just can't stand it. >> adorable. doing very well and thriving. the cub has been scooting around the den, we're told. can't quite walk yet but can hear now. >> yeah. good. >> good stuff. >> what's so funny, whether you're a panda or a human, mamas never get to rest.
5:56 am
that baby will wake up when it wants to. >> you're telling me. >> thanks, kristin. >> bye. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. the world's largest endowment fund just got bigger. the harvard university said it posts 5.8% return in fiscal 2013 to hit a record $37.76 billion. that means the top 1% of harvard graduates just got richer. it's also worth noting that 5.8% is still well below several of its rivals including princeton and yale. i'm landon dowdy, that's your cnbc business report. well, take a look at this scene here. this is the white house periscoping pope francis's arrival from the tarmac. some people watched this calling it pope scope.
5:57 am
it earned nearly 10,000 followers in the process. i'm sure it will gain many, many more. >> oh, yeah. well, it is a busy day ahead for pope francis as he begins his first full day in washington. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist live outside the vatican where the mopope is waking up in washington. you can see crowds gathering there outside the white house for the event which starts later this morning. the security is in place. plus, what you need to know to get around all the events and the road closures, that's next
5:58 am
5:59 am
the excitement is building as pope francis wakes up in our city with a busy day on tap. the first full day of his busy visit. the crews are out around town to bring you the latest on all the excite am. this is the scene at the ellipse where crews have been gathering for hours to catch a glimpse of the pope. however, up to 20,000 people are expected to hear the pope say mass outside the basilica later this afternoon. final preparations underway this morning for that event. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today" at 6:00. our extended coverage of pope francis's visit to d.c., i'm eun
6:00 am
yang. >> reporter: good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist here. we expect the pope may be up inside the vatican. we know he's an early reiser. that's possible. we've been watching all morning. here, too, at the vatican across massachusetts avenue there is a crowd that's growing. about 100 people we believe already gathered here with signs and t-shirts and with instruments, largely latin american crowd gathered here to see the first latin american pope to hold that position in the catholic faith. we want to sort of give you an idea of what we expect will be happening today. 8:45, 8:55 this morning the pope's motorcade will leave the vatican and head to the white house. that's about a three mile trip ruffly. there will be rolling road closures. once he arrives at the white house he'll be greeted by president and mrs. obama there. t


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